Change is almost always a good thing, and when it comes to The Cutting Garden we feel that 2015 was a big year of change for us and our clients. In the best possible ways.

Our New Style

Did you know that The Cutting Garden has been serving Plymouth for over 30 years? We’re extremely proud of that heritage, and the experience and expertise we have gathered over that time. However, would anyone keep a hairstyle for that long? Over time the way we do things here has changed a lot and we felt it was time to reflect that with a fresh new logo and website.

Our New Logo

Our previous logo

For the past 4-5 years we have been using a logo that may be familiar to you, but we have felt for some time that it didn’t reflect us any more. It matched how we were at the time it was designed, but it was time to take a fresh look at it. Some of you felt the same way and we’re grateful that you let us know.

It was time to create a new look that matched not only our long history of providing superior quality hair styling but also the ambitious plans we have for the future. We went back to the designers who have served us so well over previous years: Design Inspiration. After a series of fascinating meetings with Ash, the Senior Designer there, we developed a wide range of new looks, but as soon as we saw one in particular, we knew it was the one for us.

Our new logo reflects our personality, quality, and 30 years of experience

Our new logo reflects our personality, quality, and 30 years of experience

You can see it here; we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Our new choice of typeface reflects our long history and the redesign of the “roundel” using our initials is both contemporary and illustrates the high level of expertise that is the hallmark of The Cutting Garden hair salon. We’ll be rolling out the new design onto everything we do over the coming months.

Our New Website

The first place to see our new logo is of course right here on our new website. Design Inspiration have once again designed a beautiful website for us and the emphasis is all about providing you with a terrific service.

If you want to have a cut and style, or are planning to have some colour applied by our hair colour specialists, you can now check out our prices right here. We know how busy life is for you, so you can use our special online booking system to book a hair appointment when it suits you.

Maybe you’d like to learn a little more about our team of stylists and colourists? Look on our Team page and you’ll see them all smiling back at you. You can even discover what other customers think of our service by reading their comments and testimonials without leaving the website.

Tell Us What You Think

We love our new style and are looking forward to seeing it everywhere. In the end, though, the most important thing to us is what you think. So if you love it too please let us know. The best way is to tell us when you’re next in the salon, but you can also talk to us via the Cutting Garden Facebook page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.