Nail Services at The Cutting Garden

As well as being an award-winning hair salon, The Cutting Garden is also home to a luxury nail bar specialising in CND shellac treatments. Our professional technicians will advise you on the best look for you and make your hands feel gorgeous.

Nail Care Beauty

Our mission is to create beautiful nails for everyone, ranging from students to fashion-concious business women. Located on the top floor of our salon in Plymouth, our custom-built nail bar is where we offer the very best quality in nail treatments. Our nail services offer a little indulgence to everyone in Plymouth. Treat yourself to some time with our highly trained and experienced nail technicians in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

The Perfect Combination

Our combination of hair treatment and nail services complement each other perfectly. Why not arrange to have your nails treated while your new hair colour is developing? Or pop in for a professional blow-dry and give your nails a little extra luxury before the weekend?

Pamper Yourself

We all deserve to be pampered now and then, and if you can combine it with getting fabulous hands, what could be better?

Nail Bar at The Cutting Garden, Plymouth

Nail Services

Shellac Manicure(shape, cuticles, shellac)£22.00
Shellac Pedicure(shape, cuticles, shellac)£22.00
Shellac Manicure and Pedicure(shape, cuticles, shellac on both)£40.00
Full Set of acrylic nail with Shellac(CND Acrylic nail enhancements with Shellac)£40.00
Acrylic Infills with shellac(CND Acrylic nail infills with Shellac)£28.00
Nail fix£3.00
Nail extras(additional glitters/nail art)by quotation
Shellac removal(soak off shellac,cuticles,nail buff)£7.00
Mini Manicure(shape,cuticles,buff, OPI Nail Envy)£15.00

A manicure involves filing and shaping of the free edge of your nails, cuticle treatments, massaging of the hand and application of the highly rated OPI nail envy. Our mini manicures are the perfect treatment to keep your nails in a good condition and a perfect in-between treatment from your shellac or acrylic nails.


We only use shellac from the CND (Creative Nail Design) range, one of the top brands in the nail industry. They offer flawless wear, superior quality, and a mirror-like shine with zero drying time and no nail damage. Our shellac means your nails can stay healthy and strong whilst having the classic shine of a professional salon service.


After your treatment, you natural nails will continue to grow. After a while a small gap will begin to appear as they grow. Discuss with our technician when it is best to refresh your nails. It is normally required after 2/3 weeks.

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